Monday, February 15, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vet and Cat

My sister and her cat

Animal Hybrid

An ink drawing of a hybrid of a squirrel, crocodile, and chicken

Live Portrait

A live portrait I did in pastel last quarter.

Rochester House

A plein air painting I did of a Rochester house over the summer

Cactus Garden

A quick drawing I did of a cactus garden without using green

Cheetos Painting

A painting of cheetos I did freshman year

River Painting

A frozen river landscape I did a really long time ago


The Burren


Another portrait


A commissioned mural I did over the summer for a train set.

Cow Commission

A commissioned painting I did over break

First Commissioned Portrait

This was my first commissioned portrait I did over winter break. The client had a portrait of her other child already that followed this format, so I made this one using a similar layout.

Tove Jansson

a portrait I did of Tove Jansson, my favorite children's book author and illustrator

Me as a Kid

a watercolor I did over the summer

Highland Park Drawings

Drawings of plants I did at Highland Park Greenhouse.

Hello, Brian!

a cd cover I designed for Brian

My Personal Emblem

my personal emblem (the sh! are my initials)